Károly Nyári in Hír TV’s Paletta

Károly Nyári was the guest on Hír TV’s show titled Paletta with Judit Regős, the president of „Do something good – Parent’s Home Foundation”. They were talking about the great success that the online Easter programme received. Károly Nyári talked about his plans to bring culture and music closer to ones in need and the

Online charity Easter show for children’s homes

Károly Nyári has always been devoted to help the ones in need, especially children. It was his great pleasure to participate at the online Easter programme held for children living in children’s homes. „Do something good – Parent’s Home Foundation” is a foundation supporting kids living in children’s home. During the cheerful online meeting the

„Hallo, we are here!” –Károly Nyári supporting the elderly

Károly Nyári has always been known for his selfless work for the elderly. He found it nice to join the new charity programme of „Tisztelet Társasága” that includes supporting those people who are alone at home due to the pandemic situation. „In light of the current public health crisis I found it really important to

Károly Nyári in Család-Barát magazinban TV show

Mission completed! Károly Nyári and his daughters, Aliz and Edit participated at shooting a very interesting video for Duna TV’s show titled Család-Barát magazin. The cinematic video was really entertaining for the viewers. It can be watched on the following link:…/video/2021/02/04/kuldetes/

Budapest Christmas Concert on Duna TV

Károly Nyári, the most famous singer-pianist of Hungary makes the holiday season unforgettable with his traditional Christmas concert at the biggest concert venues of the city each year. In light of the current public health crisis the traditional concert could not be held this year, but viewers could still enjoy the special Christmas feeling by

Károly Nyári in Duna TV’s Család-Barát magazin

Károly Nyári was invited to the show of Duna TV titled Család-Barát magazin. The artist talked about the year of 2020 and how he finds his ways to still be active in music life during the pandemic situation. He also talked about his upcoming plans for the rest of the year. He played three wonderful

Károly Nyári on Retro Radio commemorating Zsuzsa Csertháti

Károly Nyári was invited to Retro Radio to talk about his friendship with famous Hungarian singer, Zsuzsa Cserháti. It’s been 17 years since the singer passed away. The artist shared some of his favourite memories with her and they also played their wonderful duet „Én leszek.”

Károly Nyári searched for young talents

„Do something good – Parent’s Home Foundation” the foundation supporting kids living in children’s home worked out a talent show called T-Factor. Young children could show their talent in singing, dancing, and acting. The artist was really glad to be part of this programme and to be able to help giving great advices to children

Károly Nyári on Petőfi TV

Károly Nyári and his daughters were invited to M2 Petőfi TV’s talkshow titled #ÉnVagyokItt. The family talked about their summer that was really challenging in these times. But they were happy to share with the viewers that they are currently working on their new material and the audience can expect some more suprises from them.

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