„Hallo, we are here!” –Károly Nyári supporting the elderly

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Károly Nyári has always been known for his selfless work for the elderly. He found it nice to join the new charity programme of „Tisztelet Társasága” that includes supporting those people who are alone at home due to the pandemic situation.

„In light of the current public health crisis I found it really important to help the elderly, the pensioners by calling them asking about their health and just to have a casual concersation with them. I may sing a little song, trying to cheer them up. I guess giving love to each other in these very tough times is more important than ever.”

The report of ATV’s Heti Napló about the programme can be watched on the following link:

Péter Dávid„Hallo, we are here!” –Károly Nyári supporting the elderly

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